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Wireless Charging through WIFI?

Wireless Charging News by www.solgo.net

      Just hold on for a sec using WIFI nextdoor by simply surfing the Internet, maybe there are more advantages you can take. How can be combine wireless charging with WIFI? Researchers from engineering department in Duke University utilize some kinds of cheap materials to invent a apparatus than can covert microwave signal to electrical energy. Perhaps WIFI can charge your devices as well as providing surfing services in the future.

      As long as the sources lanuch wireless signal, it can be converted to electrical energy, such as wireless router, cell tower, even satellites. The operating principle of this apparatus is just as same as that of solar board, but not the conversion sources.

      Researchers use few fiberglass and copper wires as conductor to make a circuit board, converting microwave signal to 7.3V electrical energy. And they are hoping to do more researches on making it more powerful. Imagine this, in the future, this kind of apparatus can be smaller enough to be installed in a cell phone and when you're using WIFI, it can charge your cell phone at the same time.