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Magnetic Resonance wireless charging

Wireless Charging News by www.solgo.net

       The first Magnetic Resonance (MR) wireless charging for business has been shown up in the industry. This MR wireless charging has significant breakthrough in charging efficiency and charging distance, and that leads to the publishment of MR wireless charging solutions that is compatible with Qi standard products in 2014 CES by chip manufacturers.
      The ultimate goal of wireless charging that manufacturers seek are longer charging distance, higher efficiency, lower heat emission, and lower power comsumption. Right now there are many fields such as public places, automobile, airlines, furniture are using wireless charging technology. The future of wireless charging is getting more and more clear and abvious. However, magnetic induction has to take advantage of repeater to extend charging distance,this will give design difficulties and burdens to manufacturers. 
      Regarding the tech limitation, ConvenientPower release the first wearable MR wireless charging solution--WoW Z. WoW Z can maintain 65% charging efficiency and wirelessly charging a device within 18mm, which is triple times than that of Qi. This solution compatible with all the Qi certified products, as well as the protection procedures with the same input voltage.