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Samsung Galaxy S5 wireless charging available

Wireless Charging News by www.solgo.net

After releasing S3 and S4, wireless charging follows. How about wireless charging for S5?

      The Samsung Galaxy S5 wireless charging back lets users charge the new phone by placing it on a compatible charger without fumbling for a cable or removing the small flap that keeps the Galaxy S5 water-resistant. Samsung announced Galaxy S5 wireless chargers at the event and put them up online before the phone hit store shelves, but there was still no word on when shoppers could buy this handy Galaxy S5 accessory.

      Trying to order the Galaxy S5 wireless charging cover direct from Samsung simply puts your email on a list to be notified when it goes on sale, but a popular retailer is offering a Galaxy S5 wireless charging back for pr-order right now.

      Samsung offers several Galaxy S5 wireless charger options including a plain back and an S-View Flip Case that includes wireless charging. For users that want a simple back with wireless charging Samsung finally offers a reasonable $30 option, but that does not include the wireless charger.

      A wireless charger makes a connection to the phone inside, so that the small USB port flap doesn’t need to be removed to charge. This is not a totally wireless option as you will still need a wireless charging base that connects to a power source with a wire, but when you need power you only have to set the phone down on the wireless charging base.