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Astonishing: Microsoft Joins Power Matters Alliance

     Wireless Charging News by www.solgo.net

     It happened so fast that we don't have time to breathe.

     Microsoft has joined The Power Matters Alliance (PMA) a month after joining the board of the rival Wireless Power Consortium (WPC).

   The Power Matters Alliance (PMA) has announced that Microsoft has joined the PMA, which will help advance PMA's goal of developing the global ecosystem of interoperable wireless charging products and venues. Among other things, membership in PMA provides Microsoft access to PMA specifications for advanced wireless charging features. The suite of specifications and certification programmes offered by PMA enables members to embed PMA-approved wireless charging technology directly into mobile devices while provide consumers with access to a network of locations to keep their devices powered. 

So is this another strategy that Microsoft make? What about the future of Nokia?