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One Simple Trick Could Disable a City’s 4G Phone Network

      Finally, we have 4G LTE working in our daily lives. Before we start discussion, I have a doubt that if there is possible that 4G network can be integrated with wireless charging. LOL...Well, get to the main point.
      High-speed wireless data networks are vulnerable to a simple jamming technique that could block service across much of a city, according to research findings provided to a federal agency last week.
     Any radio frequency can be blocked, or “jammed,” if a transmitter sends a signal at the same frequency, with enough power. But LTE turns out to be especially vulnerable, that is because the whole LTE signal depends on control instructions that make up less than 1 percent of the overall signal.
      Some of these instructions govern the crucial time synchronization and frequency synchronization that underpin LTE transmissions. Your phone is constantly syncing with the base station, if you can disrupt that synchronization, you will not be able to send or receive data.
      There are seven other such weak points, any one of which could be used to jam an LTE signal with a low-power transmitter. There are multiple weak spots—about eight different attacks are possible. The LTE signal is very complex, made up of many subsystems, and in each case, if you take out one subsystem, you take out the entire base station.
      If that's true, it will be really horrible that used by bad people.